Hurricane's Coming!
Why should we care?

Essential Understanding
The weather changes our environment and how we live our lives.

(PDF files) : Hurricane Research Organizer 1|
Hurricane Research Organizer2|Scoring Tool

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Indicators and Outcomes


We have been studying the effect of weather on the Earth's Surface. We also have finished reading Keep The Lights Burning Abbie. Now let's think about this question:
Why do Second graders and their parents 

need to know about  hurricanes?

Think About:

What do you think is happening in these pictures?


Your job will be to:

  1. write a letter to inform your parents why we need to know about  hurricanes.
  2. create a family disaster supply kit.
  3. share your letter and family disaster supply kit with your classmates.
  4. take it home and share it with your family.
  5. complete the scoring tool.

Step 1:
With a partner,  at 2 of the 3 websites.
  • You will click on two blue sites below. 
  • Read the information and examine the pictures.  Find 2 facts about hurricanes from each site. 
Hurricane Flooding
Hurricanes History
Hurricanes Hazards
Step 2: 
  • Open  Student Writing Center. 
  • Using your  organizer from Step 1, write a letter to your parents informing them about hurricanes. 
    Make sure . . .
  • I have at least 3 facts about hurricanes in my letter. 
  • I have a greeting, closing, my name and the date. 
  • My letter makes sense. 
  • Complete Step 2 on the Scoring Tool. 
  •  Click on the Family Disaster Plan icon and go to the Scavenger Hunt. Find items to include in your list. 
  • Using information from the Scavenger Hunt, fill in theHurricane Research Organizer2 with your choices for your kit. Fill in all parts of the organizer. 
    Remember your family needs to be able to survive on these items.

  • Complete Step 3 on the Scoring Tool. 
Step 4: 
  • Open KidPix Deluxe. 
  • Create a poster showing your Family Disaster Supply Kit. 
  • Give your poster a title, border and write 2 sentences about what is in your kit. 
  • Complete Step 4 on the Scoring Tool. 
Step 5:
  • Be prepared to read your parent letter to the class and share your Family Disaster Supply Kit poster. 
    (Practice your speech!) 
  • Read over the evaluation items for Step 5, so you can be ready to speak loudly and clearly. 
  • Complete Step 5 on the Scoring Tool. 

Additional Resources:

Homework Help
Hurricane Pictures

The Turtle Tale
Twins in "It's Hurricane Season"
Make a Hurricane Spiral
Hurricane House

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Use the Scoring Tool to evaluate your activities.


You now have learned about Hurricanes

and have a disaster supply kit list. You are ready to teach your family about Hurricanes. Hurray for YOU!

As a class, we will look at our BIG question again.
Why do Second Graders and their parents 
need to know about hurricanes?

Think About
What do you know now that you did not know before?

Are you ready for the next hurricane?

Don't Get Blown Away By A Hurricane!!!!


Indicators and Outcomes

      (2.3.13) describe the weather using observations, age appropriate tools (i.e., thermometers) and measurements.

Technology Indicators:
  (4.2) Students will design, develop, publish, and present products using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom.
   (5.3) Students will employ technology tools to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.

Student Outcomes: