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  English Program

Essential to any society are its language and literature. They define and connect us as a people. They enable us to preserve traditions, to create and maintain community, and to envision the future. Through language and literature we understand ourselves, we contribute to society, and we express the human spirit. To achieve in society, students in all content areas must listen, speak, read, and write in different contexts, for a variety of purposes, with diverse audiences, and across a range of forms. In the English classroom, the content to which students apply these processes of communication includes the study of literature, language, oral and written composition, and rhetoric. English instruction guides students in formulating and adhering to ethical and aesthetic standards. Students are encouraged to select and work hard in a rigorous program of required English courses and generous English electives.


High School English Office
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
2644 Riva Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21401


High School English Coordinator: Alison Delaney

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Jones

High School English Specialist: Julie Smith

High School English Specialist: Maureen Thomas

High School English Resource Teacher: Sue Corby