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Human Services

What is the Human Services Cluster?
People working in the Human Services cluster provide protective, social, educational, and community services. They provide assistance to individuals, families and communities. People in this cluster provide services to help, protect, educate and nurture. This includes careers in social services, education, legal and protective services.

What do people do on the job in this cluster?
People working in this cluster provide support to help others. People in social work may provide face-to-face counseling or develop service plans to care for someone over a period of time or coordinate with other service organizations to provide assistance to help an individual or family. Teachers and librarians educate others in public and private school systems, in colleges and universities and in other educational and training settings. Those in law enforcement and military careers protect.

Where do they work?
Where there are people, there are individuals working in Human Services careers. They work behind desks in offices and classrooms. They work with groups of people in community centers and hospitals. They work with families in their familiesí homes. People working on a police force or in the military provide protection virtually everywhere.

What kind of preparation do I need and what is the salary range for these occupations?
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Human Services
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