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Health/Life Science/Environmental

hat is the Health, Environmental & Life Sciences Cluster?
People in the Health, Environmental and Life Sciences cluster help people maintain their physical and mental health. Some apply their skills to repair or enhance our natural environment. They also help future generations by researching new ways to improve the quality of life. People in this cluster who focus on human needs, provide health services and support to take care of the physical, mental and emotional needs of their clients. They apply scientific, technical, social and interpersonal skills to diagnose and treat illnesses, document care, and advise their clients on how to stay healthy. People in this cluster who focus on the environment work to restore, preserve, and maintain the earth’s environmental resources. This cluster is for anyone with an interest in scientific research on new medicines, vaccines, and cosmetics. This includes biotechnology and biomedicine, as well as animal sciences such as veterinarians and marine biologists.

What do people do on the job in this cluster?
People who work in diagnostic and therapeutic careers diagnose and treat illnesses and medical conditions. In research careers, they explore new vaccines and cosmetics, and look for ways to prevent and cure diseases. People who would be interested in this aspect of this cluster might be curious about how things work, like to solve problems, and want to help people maintain their health. In environmental careers, people might collect samples of gases, soil, or water to test for sources of pollution, including those that affect health. People who would be interested in the environmental aspect of this cluster might be interested in agriculture, recycling, pollution prevention, energy conservation and the conservation of natural resources such as streams, lakes, rivers, and parklands.

Where do they work?
People who work in Health, Environmental and Life Sciences work in hospitals, medical and research laboratories, and offices such as doctors’ or dentists’ offices. Some of the environmental research might be done in laboratories, conservation areas or parks.

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