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Engineering, Mechanical and Information Technologies

What is the Engineering, Mechanical & Information Technologies cluster?  

People in the Engineering, Mechanical and Information Technologies cluster use scientific and technical knowledge and skill to design, manufacture, assemble, inspect, maintain and repair components, structures and facilities. People in this cluster work in engineering, construction, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and information technology. They work with buildings, roads, bridges, aircraft, automobiles, trains, and computer equipment. Their occupations range from aerospace engineers to cement masons to ambulance drivers. Note: Computer knowledge and user skills are a part of all five career clusters. This cluster, however, comprises those occupations responsible for the smooth functioning of computers and information technology systems. This includes designing, constructing, programming, maintaining, supporting and repairing computer hardware and software systems.

What do people do on the job in this cluster? 
People in this cluster are involved in creating, transforming, inspecting, maintaining and transporting. This can include all the activities involved in manufacturing and construction, as well as scientific research and technical services such as laboratory and testing services.

Where do they work? 

Some people in this cluster work at drafting tables in offices and others work in factories or outdoors on construction sites. They work in transportation facilities such as airports, bus stations and shipping docks. They work in factories that produce steel and those that fabricate computer components in an ultra-clean environment.

What kind of preparation do I need and what is the salary range for these occupations?
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