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Business, Management & Finance

What is the Business, Management & Finance cluster? People in the Business, Management and Finance cluster support private companies, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies by managing people, information and finances. Some people in this cluster work in the business of doing business, that is, in investment planning, banking, insurance, and business financial management. They may also work in the business end of an organization that belongs to one of the other four career clusters. The communications part of the cluster includes careers in newspaper, book and magazine publishing, cable and broadcast television as well as emerging communications technologies. The humanities aspect includes literature, philosophy and foreign languages.

What do people do on the job in this cluster?
People in this cluster plan the tasks to get a job done, supervise people doing the work, determine how much money will be needed, and keep track of the progress on the job until it is completed. They do this by working with other people and by reading and drawing conclusions from information and data.

Where do they work?
People working in this cluster work in a very wide variety of settings. They may work in locations solely focused on business or financial activities, such as banks and stock exchanges. They also may work in places in which only one part of the work there is within this business, management and finance cluster. For example, they may work in schools (in administrative offices, not classrooms), theaters (in the box office, not on stage), hospitals (in offices, not operating rooms), and museums (in the gift shop, not the art conservation studio).

What kind of preparation do I need and what is the salary range for these occupations?
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