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Art, Communications & Humanities

What is the Arts, Communications and Humanities cluster?
People in the Arts, Communications and Humanities cluster design, produce, perform, exhibit, write, and create multimedia content. In communications careers, they design and work on ways to get information to audiences. Language, literature and philosophy are also included in this cluster. Some people in this cluster are performers, in front of the camera or a live audience, or creators who draw, paint or choreograph. Others work behind the scenes in technical areas, or in the business aspects behind the production of art or media. The communications part of the cluster includes careers in newspaper, book and magazine publishing, cable and broadcast television as well as emerging communications technologies. The humanities aspect includes literature, philosophy and foreign languages.

What do people do on the job in this cluster?

People in this cluster interpret and communicate concepts and ideas through writing, painting, drawing, acting, dance, music, animation, or some combination of these. In communications, people develop ways to deliver content created by others - through print, cable, telecommunications, or emerging digital technologies. They edit text, take photographs, hang lights in theaters, or use computer-assisted drawing tools. Business-related activities include fundraising, contracts, or public relations.

Where do they work?

In Arts, Communications and Humanities, people work in newspaper offices, dinner theatres, opera houses, at international meetings doing simultaneous translation, art galleries, publishing houses, advertising agencies, radio stations, and telecommunications offices.

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