What is the Annearundel County Free School?
  The Free School is a living history classroom, a museum and repository for education artifacts, and as place for interested citizens to study the history of public education since its beginnings in the 1700's.


Where is the Free School and how can I see it?


The Annearundell County Free School is located in the community of Lavall, off Rutland Road, about one-half mile from Md. Route 450. It is open on Sundays mid-May through mid-October, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.Tours for school classes and other groups are available by appointment. Call 410-222-5050.

Also click these thumbnails to see the interior of the building.

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How did the Free School come to be?


The Colonial Assembly, under the Lord Proprietor and his governor, passed on October 26, 1723, "An Act for the Encouragement of Learning and Erecting Schools in the Several Counties" (Free School Act)

Among other actions, this law called for the following in each of the existing 12 counties:

  • Appointment of Visitors for each county;
  • Appointment of a register to keep the proceedings of the Visitors;
  • Purchase of 100 or more acres of land for a school;
  • Construction of a dwelling house for the Schoolmaster that was suitable for keeping school.