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Financial Operations

The Division of Financial Reporting consists of the offices of Budget, Finance, Purchasing, Third Party Billing and Single Textbook Adoption. These offices are responsible for the overall management of the school districtís fiscal and enterprise resources including budgeting, accounting, receiving, and expending of funds for all government appropriations, grants, enterprise funds, and internal service funds.


  • Manage the fiscal resources of the school district so as to increase the capacity of the school system to achieve its goals of:
  • Academic Achievements

  • Safe and Orderly Environment

  • Community Collaboration

  • Coordinate the activities of the offices of Budget, Finance, Purchasing, and Third Party Billing so as to maximize the use of the financial resources of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
  • Establish processes, procedures, and benchmarks to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizational functions.

For information related to the Division of Financial Reporting contact:

Matthew E. Stanski
Director of Financial Reporting
   Phone: 410-222-5095

Marian L. Wright
Administrative Secretary
   Phone: 410-222-5095

Office of Budget

The Office of Budget supports the financial and staff planning and management efforts of the school system. This office manages the budget development process and ensures that funds are targeted to meet the goals, objectives, and established priorities of the school system.   This office is also responsible for monitoring revenues and expenditures to ensure that the school system operates within its available funding and is in compliance with State law regarding budget categories. 

For information related to the Office of Budget contact:

Melissa Comella
Lead Budget Analyst 
 Phone:   410-222-5096  

Marian L. Wright
Administrative Secretary
   Phone: 410-222-5095

  Current fiscal year budget information
  Office of Budget site

Office of Finance

The purpose and focus of the Office of Finance is to support the instructional and business programs of the school system. The Office of Finance enables the Instructional Department and the other business programs to concentrate their energy and vision of their functional areas. This is accomplished by handling payments to vendors, meeting financial reporting requirements, and managing safety and risk issues and the other functions with minimum involvement of other offices.

For information related to the
Office of Finance contact:

Krishna Bappanad
Supervisor of Finance 
 Phone:   410-222-5200  

Donna Barker
Finance Technician
   Phone: 410-222-5200

  FY2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

  FY2016 Single Audit Report 

  FY2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

  FY2015 Single Audit Report 
  FY2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2014 Single Audit Report 
  FY2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2013 Single Audit Report 
  FY2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2012 Single Audit Report 
  FY2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2007 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2006 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2005 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  FY2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

  Office of Finance site

Office of Purchasing

The Purchasing Office utilizes every available resource to deliver quality procurement services including cost comparisons for participation in cooperative agreements, economies of scale bidding, delivery of an automated purchasing program, and value added decisions when developing procedures. Academic Achievement is supported through quality procurement services to ensure that the products and services needed for classroom and facilities are received as ordered, when ordered, and at the best possible price. Professional, ethical services ensure compliance with the law, policy, and avoidance of agency risk.   

For information related to the
Office of Purchasing contact:

Mary Jo Childs
Supervisor of Purchasing 
 Phone:   410-222-5160  


Phone: 410-222-5160

  AACPS Purchasing page for bid and procurement information

Office of Third Party Billing

Coordinates the development and implementation of an efficient and effective process to generate revenue by seeking reimbursement from Medicaid for health-related services, transportation, and service coordination provided to eligible students of AACPS with disabilities, as prescribed in their Individual Educational Program (IEP). In addition, the Third Party Billing Office strives for maximization of revenue, recognizing the importance in providing AACPS additional resources to enhance and expand services to students with disabilities; coordinates the training instruction, technical support, and quality customer service to the providers of AACPS, Anne Arundel County Department of Health, and the Local Lead Agency of Infants and Toddlers; and ensure that the Medicaid Program is operated in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

Linda Sponslor 
 Program Manager 
 Phone:   410-222-5387  

Ute Marks
Lead Technician
   Phone: 410-222-5386