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  Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

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Formerly Section 800 (Personnel)

                   TITLE Number Letter
Policies for all employees 800 GA
             Classification of Positions 800.01 GAA
            Personnel Records 800.02 GAB

Administrative Regulation

AR800:02 GAB-RA
            Drug-, Alcohol-, and Tobacco- Free Work Environments 800.03 GAC
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.03 GAC-RA
            Confidential Communications: Reporting At Risk Student Behavior 800.04 GAD
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.04 GAD-RA
            Staff Conduct -Distribution of Materials and Oral Communications to or through Students 800.04A GAE
            Nepotism 800.05 GAF
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.05 GAF-RA
            Work Days - Summer Schedule for Twelve Month School Employees 800.06 GAG
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment GAGG  
                    Administrative Regulation   GAGG-RA
Americans with Disabilities Act - Reasonable Accommodations   GAGG-RAA
            Work Days - Holidays/Special Observances 800.07 GAH
            Work Days - Inclement Weather 800.08 GAI
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.08 GAI-RA
            Insurance - All Employees 800.11 GAM
                        Administrative Regulation   GAM-RA
Workforce Diversity   GAMM
            Administrative Regulation   GAMM-RA
Self-Reporting Charge/Arrest/Conviction   GANN
            Administrative Regulation   GANN-RA
            Medical Benefits - Retirees 800.13 GAO
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.13 GAO-RA
Employee Use of  Social Media   GAOO
                     Administrative Regulation   GAOO-RA
            Bereavement Leave - Death in Family/Household 800.20 GAV
            Strikes and Refusal to Work 800.25 GAAA
            Pay Schedules 800.26 GABB
            Salary Deductions 800.27 GACC
            Employee Travel 800.29 GAEE
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.29 GAEE-RA
            Employee Complaints and Grievances 800.33 GAHH
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.33 GAHH-RA
            Staff Wellness 800.34 GAII
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.34 GAII-RA
Healthy Meetings & Events   GAII-RAA
            Cell Phone Assignment and Use By Employees 800.35 GAKK
                        Administrative Regulation AR800.35 GAKK-RA
            Staff Working on federal/State and Private Grants 800.36 GALL
Policies for Professional Certificated Personnel 801 GB
            Executive Staff 801.01 GBA
            Executive Staff - Fringe Benefits 801.02 GBB
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.02 GBB-RA
            Professional Support Staff 801.03 GBC
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.03 GBC-RA
            Classes of Teacher Certificates 801.05 GBE
            Recommendations for Appointment of Teachers and Administrators 801.06 GBF
            Duties and Responsibilities - Teachers 801.07 GBG
            Evaluation and Rating - Teachers 801.08 GBH
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.08 GBH-RA
            Evaluation and Rating - Administrators 801.09 GBI
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.09 GBI-RA
            Substitute Teachers 801.10 GBJ
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.10 GBJ-RA
            Part-time Teachers 801.12 GBL
                        Administrative Regulation AR801.12 GBL-RA
            Professional Improvement - Teachers 801.13 GBM
            National Association Meetings - Teachers 801.14 GBN
            Tutoring for Pay 801.15 GBO
            Professional Staff Promotions 801.16 GBP
            Salaries - Teachers 801.19 GBS
            Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff 801.21 GBU
            Dating Between Employees and Students 801.22 GBV
             Administrative Regulation AR801.22 GBV-RA
Policies for Support Non-certificated Personnel 802  
Policies/Regs for Employee Leave    
            Employee Leave   GC
            Annual/Personal Business Leave   GC-RAA
            Sick Leave    
                      Administrative Regulation   GC-RAB
            Administrative Leave    
                     Administrative Regulation   GC-RAC
Leave of Absences without Pay   GC-RAD
            Absence without Authorized Leave   GC-RAF
            Extended Professional Development Leave   GC-RAG
            Religious Observance Leave   GC-RAH
            Court Leave   GC-RAI
            Sabbatical Leave   GC-RAJ
            Worker's Compensation Leave   GC-RAK
            Assault/Intervention Leave   GC-RAL
             Meeting Leave   GC-RAM
             Military Leave   GC-RAN
             Authorized Leave without Pay   GC-RAP
             Family and Medical Leave Act   GC-RAO
            Noncertificated Support Staff 802.01 GCA
                       Administrative Regulation   GCA-RA
            Salaries - Unit I-IV 802.09 GCI
                        Administrative Regulation AR802.09 GCI-RA
            Termination of Employment - Classified Staff 802.15 GCO
                        Administrative Regulation AR802.15 GCO-RA
            Employment of Foreign Nationals Policy   GD
                        Administrative Regulation   GD-RA