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Formerly Section 600 (Instruction)

                   TITLE Number Letter
Instructional Goals 600 IA
School Calendar 601 IB
                          Administrative Regulation AR601 IB-RA
School Day 602 IC
Organization of Instruction 603 ID
Curriculum 604 IE
                        Administrative Regulation AR604 IE-RA
Research 604.01 IEA
                        Administrative Regulation AR604.01 IEA-RA
Professional Development Activities 604.02 IEB
                        Administrative Regulation AR604.02 IEB-RA
Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines 605 IF
            Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Programs 605.01 IFA
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.01 IFA-RA
            Reading, Language Arts, and English Instructional Program for Grades Kindergarten - 12 605.02 IFB
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.02 IFB-RA
            Physical Education 605.03 IFC
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.03 IFC-RA
            Ethnic and Cultural Education 605.04 IFD
            Advanced Learner Programs K-5 605.05 IFE
                        Administrative Regulation   IFE-RA
            Programs for Students With Disabilities 605.06 IFF
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.06 IFF-RA
            Health Education 605.07 IFG
                       Administrative Regulation AR605.07 IFG-RA
            Teaching about Religion 605.09 IFI
                       Administrative Regulation   IFI-RA
            Religion in the Schools 605.10 IFJ
            Reserved for 605.11 IFK
            Technology Education 605.14 IFN
            Evening High School Program 605.15 IFO
                        Administrative Regulation   IFO-RA
            Summer School Programs 605.16 IFP
                        Administrative Regulation   IFP-RA
            Home Schooling 605.17 IFQ
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.17 IFQ-RA
            Reserved 605.18 --
            Field Trips 605.19 IFS
                        Administrative Regulation AR605.19 IFS-RA
Selection and Changing of Courses 606 IG
                        Administrative Regulation   IG-RA
           Secondary Course Enrollment Outside
           the Home School
606.01 IGA
                   Administrative Regulation   IGA-RA
            Independent Study 606.02 IGB
Instructional Materials 607 IH
            Administrative Regulation AR607 IH-RA
            Textbook Selection and Adoption 607.01 IHA
            Supplemental Materials 607.02 IHB
                        Administrative Regulation AR607.02A IHB-RA


608 II
            Administrative Regulation AR608 II-RA
            High School Final Examinations 608.01 IIA
                        Administrative Regulation AR608.01 IIA-RA
            Promotion/Retention 608.02 IIB
                        Administrative Regulation AR608.02 IIB-RA
            Graduation Requirements 608.03 IIC
                        Administrative Regulation AR608.03 IIC-RA
            Graduation Activiites 608.04 IID
                       Administrative Regulation   IID-RA
            High School Diplomas by Examination 608.05 IIE
                      Administrative Regulation   IIE-RA
            High School Courses Taken by  Middle School Students   IIF
            Weighted Grading   IIG
Test Administration and Data Reporting 609 IJ
                       Administrative Regulation   IJ-RA
            Patriotic Exercises 610.01 IKA
            Student Assembly Programs for Political Candidates 610.02 IKB
            Student Performances 610.03 IKC
The General Responsibilities for Students with Disabilities 611 IL
The Exchange - Visiting Student Program 612 IM
            Administrative Regulation AR612 IM-RA
Academic Integrity 613 IN
            Administrative Regulation AR613 IN-RA
Public Charter Schools 614 IO
            Administrative Regulation   IO-RA
Magnet Programs 615 IP
            Administrative Regulation AR615 IP-RA
Classroom Placement of Multiple Birth Children   IQ
 Signature Programs   IR