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Formerly Section 400 (Business)

        TITLE Number Letter
Financial Management Goals 400 DA
 Financial Management Priority Objectives 400.01 DAA
Annual Budget 401 DB
 Capital Improvement Program And Budget 401.01 DBA
 Operating Budget 401.02 DBB
 Budget Transfers 401.03 DBC
Alternative Financing and Debt   DBD
  Administrative Regulation   DBD-RA
Classification of Fund Balances   DBK
            Administrative Regulation   DBK-RA
Investments 402 DC
 Gifts, Bequests, and Donations 402.01 DCA
  Administrative Regulation AR402.01 DCA-RA
Reserved 403  
Financial Accounting and Reporting 404 DD
  Administrative Regulation AR404 DD-RA
 Annual Audit 404.02/404.03 DDB
 Internal Auditing Department 404.04 DDD
 Property Control Accountability   DDH
  Administrative Regulation   DDH-RA
            Purchasing Procedures 405.01 DEA
Bidding Procedures   DEB
            Administrative Regulation   DEB-RA
             Vendor Relations 405.03 DEC
  Administrative Regulation AR405.03 DEC-RA
Minority and Small Business Enterprise Program   DED
 Administrative Regulation   DED-RA
Green Product Cleaning Supplies   DEE
Administrative Regulation   DEE-RA
Student Activities Funds Management 406 DF
 Administrative Regulation AR406 DF-RA
Transfer or Easements Pertaining to Board Property 408 DH
Computer Ethics and Security 409 DI
Administrative Regulation AR409 DI-RA
Funding, Proposals, Grants and Special Projects 410 DJ
Grant Funding Sources Outside the School System 410.01 DJA
Administrative Regulation AR410.01 DJA-RA
Grant Funding Sources Within the School System/Mini-Grants 410.02 DJB
 Administrative Regulation AR410.02 DJB-RA
Special Projects Fundraising 410.03 DJC
 Administrative Regulation AR410.03 DJC-RA
Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse   DK
            Administrative Regulation   DK-RA