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SECTION C:  general school administration
Formerly Section 300 (Administration)

                   TITLE Number Letter
Strategic Plan 300 CA
            Administrative Regulation   CA-RA
Appointment of Superintendent 301 CB
            Qualifications - Superintendent 301.01 CBA
            Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities - Superintendent 301.02 CBB
            Compensation and Benefits of Superintendent 301.03 CBC
            Termination of Employment of Superintendent 301.04 CBD
Organizational Chart 302 CC
Duties and Responsibilities of the Principal 304 CE
            Provisions for Duties of Absent Principal 304.01 CEA
Formulation of Administrative Regulations 305 CF
            Administrative Regulation AR305 CF-RA
Administrative Trainees 306 CG
Administrative Reports 307 CH
Negotiating Organizations - Certificated 308 CI
Negotiating Organizations - Classified 309 CJ