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sECTION B:  School Board Governance & Operations
Formerly Section 200 (Board of Education)

                   TITLE Number Letter
School Board Legal Status 200 BA
            Board Membership 200.01 BAA
            Board Powers and Duties 200.02 BAB
            Board Member Authority 200.03 BAC
            Board Member Removal from Office 200.04 BAD
            Ethics and Conflict of Interest   BAF
                 Administrative Regulation   BAF-RA
            Investigations and Due Process 200.07 BAG
            Public Hearings/School Sites 200.08 BAH
Appointments, Qualifications, and Term of Office 201 BB
            Board Officers-Superintendent, Secretary/Treasurer, Executive Officer

            Board Attorney 201.02 BBB
            Board Organizational Meeting and Board Officers 201.03 BBC
            Board Staff Assistant 201.04 BBD
            Board Committees 201.05 BBE
Board Internal Auditor   BBF
Board Meetings 202 BD
            Agenda Preparation and Distribution 202.01 BCA
                        Administrative Regulation AR202.01 BCA-RA
            Public Participation at Board Meetings 202.02 BCB
            Board Executive Sessions 202.03 BCC
            Board Quorum and Rules of Order 202.04 BCD
            Board Meeting Minutes 202.06 BCF
Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops 203 BE
Policy Setting 204 BF
            Administrative Regulation AR204 BF-RA
            Policy Dissemination 204.01 BFA
Board Member Compensation and Expenses 205 BG
School Board Memberships 206 BH
Evaluation 207 BI
Hiring of Board of Education Staff   BJ