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Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

The following is the library of Board of Education Policies and Administrative Regulations. (The Board of Education is reviewing and revising school system policies)  The Table of Contents for Board Policies below reflects the change from a numeric classification system to a letter classification system. 

Revised Board policies are posted to this site as soon as they are available.


All policy documents Adobe Acrobat pdf

Section A:  Foundations & Basic Commitments
(Formerly Section 100 (Basic Commitments)
Section B:  School Board Governance & Operations
(Formerly Section 200 (Board of Education)
Section C:  General School Administration
(Formerly Section 300 (Administration)

Section D:  Fiscal Management
(Formerly Section 400 (Business)

Section E:  Support Services
(Formerly Section 700 (School/Support Services)

Section F:  Facilities Planning & Development
(No Former Section - Reserved)

Section G:  Personnel
(Formerly Section 800 (Personnel)

Section H:  Negotiations
(No Former Section - Reserved)

Section I:  Instruction
(Formerly Section 600 (Instruction)

Section J:  Students
(Formerly Section 900 (Students)

Section K:  School-Community Relations
(Formerly Section 500 (Community Relations)

Section L:  Education Agency Relations
(No Former Section - Reserved)