Legends- Part 1

Essential Understanding
Legends represent genre that tell stories that reveal a culture's past.

Notes to the Teacher!

(Graphic Organizer Legends Part 1 and Part 2)PDF file

Students will read for a variety of purposes.

Students will identify the characteristics of a legend.
Students will identify the story schema from a specific legend by completing a graphic organizer.

Technology Indicators:
Students will gather information and conduct research using electronic resources.


Your school is having a writing contest that you want to enter.  The contest is for the best legend.  Before you enter the contest, you need to gather some information about legends and how to write them.

Step 1

First, you need to find out what a legend is and its characteristics. Click on the link to read about legends.  Complete the graphic organizer using the information from the article about legends.

Step 2

Now that you know what a legend is, you want to read one!  Click on the link and read "How the Bear Lost his Tail".  As you read, you will need to click on the purple word "continue".  When you come to the purple words "Tell Me Again", the story is finished.  Complete the graphic organizer using information from the story!


Now that you know what a legend is, and you have read a legend, think about a possible topic for the legend you will write.

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Created by Penny Good, Donna Resnick, August  2000
Recommended for 4th grade Language Arts/ MEDIA, 1st grading period