Colonial Life:  Jamestown Settlement

                                       Plymouth Colony

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Essential Understanding
Social, economic and political systems structure a society.

Outcome:The students will be able to compare and contrast the colonies of Plymouth and Jamestown.
Indicator:The students will use knowledge of social studies and technology to research and analyze information.
Technology Indicators:

Introduction:  Imagine that it is the year 1620 and you have recently immigrated from England. Your family has sent you to investigate the two settlements, Jamestown and Plymouth, and to determine which one the family should select for its new home.  After visiting both settlements, you will be expected to analyze the information you have gathered and determine which is the better place for a new home. You will then write a letter to your parents in England to tell them about your decision. Make sure your letter clearly explains the differences between the two settlements and the reasons for your selection.

Task A: You will compare and contrast the two settlements. Use the graphic organizer to record facts about each colony. After reading information on the year 1620, click the back button to return to this page.

2)  Click on the picture below to read about the colony of Plymouth.

Task B: Conclusion
Analyze the details you've gathered about the colonies. Determine which colony would be the better choice for relocation of your English family. Now write a letter to your parents in England. Using facts from your organizer explain why you selected that colony .


Take a virtual tour of Plimouth Plantation, a recreation of the settlement at Plymouth.

Recommended for 5th Grade
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