Teacher Notes

Concepts  As a fledgling nation, the United States had trouble establishing credibility.
                   A result of the War of 1812 was increased nationalism.

Outcomes  The student will demonstrate an understanding of the historical development and  current status of economic principles, institutions, and processes needed to be effective citizens, consumers, and workers in American society.


Multiple Intelligences

Icons next to the topics reflect the Multiple Intelligence used for that product.








Alternative Presentation Ideas

2:  Put the topic on trial.  Have one person prosecute (vote against the inclusion of the War; one defend (voting for the inclusion of the War as significant to the development of the U.S.)

Or, 3:  Storyboard a documentary that would support your opinion.  Research music to support the feeling; visuals; people you would interview or portray, and any other multimedia tools you would use.

Or, 4:  Develop a PowerPoint presentation to persuade.

Or, 5:  Create a newspaper to promote your opinion.

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The Evaluation Process in Decision-Making

G/T students can take the evaluation template to a higher level of questioning:  evaluation.
By ranking the topics in importance to the final decision:  Should this War be included in a history text?, students are asked to place value on incidents regarding their impact on future events.  Ask GT students to choose the three most important topics, and to justify their choices.