Famous African Americans

A WebQuest for Grade 2
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Essential Understanding
One person can make a difference.

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Program Outcome:
Students will demonstrate effective writing in academic, social, and personal situations for a variety of purposes, audiences, and topics.

Student Outcomes:
   The students will use a variety of prewriting strategies to organize ideas.
   The students will edit/proofread with particular attention to paragraphing, grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics.
   The students will create a KidPix slideshow using the information they gathered.

Social Studies Indicator:
    ( Students will identify how individuals have contributed to the development of community

Technology Indicators:
    (4.2) Students will design, develop, publish, and present products using technology  resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom.
    (5.3) Students will employ technology tools to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources


  February is Black History Month.  Black History Month was started in 1976 and honors the achievements of African Americans in American history.  African Americans have played an important role in the history of our country.
    The second grade teachers need help gathering and presenting information about these famous people.  In order to learn more about famous African Americans, you will be working in small groups to research a famous African American.  Your team will then create a slide show about the person's life using KidPix. You will present your project to your class to inform them about the famous African American you researched.

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Task 1:  Research

Process (steps):
1.  You and your partners will choose a famous African American to research from the list below.  You must agree on your choice.

2.  Using the research organizer list 5 important facts you learned about the famous African American you chose.


Henry Aaron
Will Smith
Louis Armstrong
Thurgood Marshall
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
Jackie Robinson
Oprah Winfrey
Michael Jordan
Muhammed Ali
Tiger Woods
Harriet Tubman

Task 2:  SlideShow

Process (steps):
1.  Use the slideshow organizer to plan your slideshow.  Be sure to include the following slides:

2.  Work together to decide what information you will include in your slideshow.

3.  Using your slideshow organizer, create your slideshow in KidPix.  Your slideshow should tell about the life of the person you researched.  Each slide should include written information and illustrations.  You should have at least 7 slides in your slideshow.

4.  Revise and proofread your slideshow as a group.

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  Practice presenting your slideshow in your group.  You will each be responsible for presenting at least one slide.  Finally, you are ready to present your information to the class.  Remember to face the audience, make eye contact, read slowly and use a loud clear voice!

Scoring Tool:

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    Now that you have completed your project on a Famous African American, you can research other famous African Americans.  For additional information about other famous African Americans visit http://www.biography.com/blackhistory/or you can go to the library and select biographies.  You can also use encyclopedias or explore other Internet sites.

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Created by Carrie Bradley
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