Annapolis Middle School
Wiley H. Bates Middle School

701 Chase Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
FAX (410)263-0295

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For a complete listing of our Faculty and Staff, please scroll down this page.  Please call us 410-263-0270 for further information.



Paul DeRoo- Principal

Michael Ballard-6th Grade Assistant Principal


Stacy Herbert - 7th Grade Assistant Principal


Casey Hunt-8th Grade Assistant Principal


School Counselors-Department Chair-

Andrea Willey-


Maurena Darling - 6th Grade


Andrea Willey-7th Grade



Jim Burns - 8th Grade



Language Arts Department Chair-

Michael McCann-


Katerina Altig (Grade 6)


Victoria Barstow (Grade 7)


Kristen Ellis (Grade )


Brittany Fonte (Grade 6)


Laurel Foss (Grade 6)


Kindra Mason (Grade 8)


Nancy O’Donnel (Grade 8)


Marcus Villano (Grade 8)


Megan Zimmerman (Grade 7)


READING DEPARTMENT – Lynne Seach (Literacy Coach)


Lavenia M Calvin (Grade 6/7/8)


Nicole Jones (Grade 6/7/8)


Deborah Talbot (Grade 6/7/8)




Suzan Eichhorn (Grade 6/7/8)


Hillary Fowler (Grade 6/7/8)



Ashley Luecking (Grade 6/7/8)


Math Department Chair-

Jessica Mullins-  



Devon Caton (Grade 6)


Laura Casciato (Grade 8)


Wilde Bustamante-Gabriel

(Grade 7)


Kasey Gillikin (Grade 7)


Kristi Giuliano (Grade 8)


Lisa Heath (Grade 6)


Anne Miller (Grade 6)


Hannanah Mobashir (Grade 8 )


Jake Shinn (Grade 8)


Science Department Chair-

Jennifer Smith (JGSMITH1@AACPS.ORG)


Melanie Burke (Grade 8)


Heather Carter (Grade 7 )


Kathy Cochran (Grade 7/8)


Tayler Grimail (Grade 6)


Dawn Kayton (Grade 8)


Courtney Merchant (Grade 7)


Kim O’Connor (Grade 7)


Soni Sarin (Grade 6)


Social Studies Department Chair- Kathryn Pieper


Peter Bielski (Grade 6)

Rob Connerton (Grade 8)


Terrance Kelly (Grade 8)


Janette Morandin (Grade 7/8)


Carrie Olson (Grade 7)


Tammi Stevens (Grade 7)


Sarah Velado (Grade 6)


Seth Wolak (Grade 8)


Special Education Department Chair-  Alyse Bowman


Monica Adee (Grade 8)


Jennifer Adkins (IEP Clerk)  


Andrew Behringer (Grade 6)


Alyse Bowman (Grade 6)


Judy Ferguson (Grade 8)  


Wanda Fern (Teacher Assistant)


Michelle Gilbert (Grade 7 & 8)


Josh Kibler (Teacher Assistant)


Lauren McClintock (Grade 6,7&8)


Deborah McDaniel (Grade 7 /IEP Facilitator)


Patricia Melesh (Grade 6,7 &8)


Ted Nichols (Teacher Assistant)


Gerald Stansbury II (Grade 6, 7&8)


Steven Wasserman (Grade 7)  


Corey White-Fox (Teacher Assistant)



Foreign Language Department Chair- Elisa Sileoni



Jeffrey Acosta (Spanish)


Nathan P Hetzler (Spanish)


Richard Mason (Italian)


Elisa Sileoni- (Italian)  


Lindsey Seynhaeve (Spanish)


Encore Chair- Hayden Lambert


PVA Department Chair- Emily Miller



Brooke Balderson

Matt Beall- Art/PVA


James Griffiths- Physical Education/Health


Rachel Horner- Digital Pallette Art


Brittany Jacobs- Strings/PVA


Patrica Kilby- Music


Hayden Lambert- Physical Education/Health


Kassandra Mattera- Dance/PVA


Jean Melton-Koch- Technology Education


Emily Miller-PVA Department Chair/Art


Amanda Nicholson- Art


Lottie Porch-Creative Writing


Penelope Renoll- Chorus/PVA  


Dana Russell – AVID Site Coordinator


Joan Scott- Physical Education/Health  


Jody Smith –Dance


Max VanDerBeek (Band/PVA)



Library Media Specialist

Oona Miller- Media Specialist

Rox Ann Thompson- Librarian Aide  

Support Staff

 Amy Beller (School Social Worker)

Erika Deckard (Speech Pathologist)

Margaret Ennis (Right Start Advisor)

Marcy Hayes (ALT-1)

Dr. Frank Horstman (School Performance Coach) 

 Laurietta  Jones -(Pupil Personnel Worker)

Erin Looney  (Technology Support)

Dr. Danielle Rubinic (School Psychologist) 

Marietta Smallwood (Permanent Substitute)

Kenneth Starkes- (DMR) 

Laura Wixon (Arts Integration Specialist)

Christine Wolfe (Cafeteria Manager) 

Health Room

 Tamara Henson (School Nurse)  

Belinda Jones (Health Assistant) 

   Secretarial Lead- Neva Stansbury

Jillian Allen (School Counselor Secretary)

Anne Marie Ciany (AP/Discipline Secretary)  

Terri Gibson (Secretary)

Jean Izzi (Financial Secretary)  

Neva Stansbury (Principal’s Secretary) 

Charlotte Tongue (Attendance Secretary) 

Custodial Staff-

Wyetta Galloway (Chief) -

Vivian Cornish 

Fred Downs 

Sally Gilmer  

Dominique Graham

Charles Gross  

Elmer Guevara

Christine Raleigh  

PTA Officers

Deirdre Ralph (President) 

Kira Gleitz (Treasurer) 

Melissa Robertson (Communication Secretary)

Cornelia Wikar (Recording Secretary)









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