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Bates Middle School is an Integrated Arts Community


What is Arts Integration?


Arts Integration is an instructional approach that strengthens curricular connections, increases student engagement, and enhances student learning.


Arts integration


  Provides natural, meaningful connections between art forms and other curricular area based on shared or related processes.

  Promotes active engagement and inquiry through seamless blending of content between an art form and a co-curricular subject.

  Creates classroom learning in each content area that has depth and integrity reflected by imbedded standards, objectives, and assessments.



1)      Evidence demonstrates that sustained involvement in particular art forms, music and theater are highly correlated with success in mathematics and reading.  Catterall (2002)


2)      The arts function as a way of committing concepts and content to memory; the arts present concrete evidence of learning; and the arts help students understand scientific and mathematical principles.  (Burnaford, Renaissance in the Classroom)


3)      The arts provide varied, connected, and increasingly challenging opportunities to generate and represent knowledge over time.  (Gallas, 1994)









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