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High School Web Quests
Grades 9 - 12

Please Note: Several hypertext links on this page are independently managed World Wide Web sites and are not affiliated with Anne Arundel County Public Schools. While every effort has been made to evaluate the sites to which we link, we cannot control the content that may appear on these sites or related links.

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Title & Author Content
Topic/Unit Grade 
Spreadsheet Simulation
C. Young (Meade HS)
Business Graphs & 
11th -12th 1st 
Ethics Quest
B. Remines 
(Old Mill HS)
Topics I
Computer Ethics 9th - 12th 1st or 3rd No
Flood Them with the Elements of Language
L. Gershon
(Annapolis HS)
English Unit 1 9th - 12th 1st No
George and Lenny's Most Excellent Adventure
L. Foran (Meade HS)
English Conflict & 
10th 1st Career
Of Mice and Men: Back in Time
G. Snyder
(South River HS)
English Conflict &
(Unit 1)
10th 1st US History
Mystery and Meaning ("The Scarlet Ibis")
M. Dunn and B. Selwocki 
(Old Mill HS)
English Journey of 
the Self 
(Unit 1)
9th 1st No
 Family and   Consumer Science          
Build a Baby's Brain
S. Nee-Jackson
(Old Mill HS)
Family and Consumer Science Infant Development/ Brain Development 9th - 12th 1st Science
Making Sense of the 

R. Meneely (Old Mill HS)
Algebra II or 
HS 1st English
Social Studies
Pizza Fractions
M. Schrader
(Southern HS)
Math Fractions (Remedial) 8th - 10th 1st English
Periodic Predictions
J. Malek (Old Mill HS)
Chemistry Predicting Trends and Elemental Symbols 10th 1st or 3rd No
 Social Studies          
NEW The Crossroads of our Being... Anthony Berard & Brett Brenton (Glen Burnie HS) US History Civil War 11th 1st Art

Will It Happen Again?
Terrilyn Broderick (Glen Burnie HS)

World Civilizations or US History Post World War II 10th or 11th 4th No
So You Say You Want
a Revolution

S. Finkelstein 

(South River HS)
AP US History Revolutionary
11th 1st No
NEW Birth of a Bill
Kai Frick (Old Mill HS)
US Government Legislative Branch 9th 1st No

Human Rights Violations
Kai Frick (Old Mill HS)

US Government Role of US Government in the World 9th 3rd No
 The Berlin Wall
Dan Gulden (Meade HS)
World Civilizations Cold War (The Berlin Wall) 10th 4th No
NEW America First
Mark House (North County HS)
US History World War II 11th 3rd No
What Caused the Whole Mess: Causes of the Great Depression
Mark House (North County HS)
US History Causes of the Great Depression 11th 3rd English
New The Irish Potato Famine
Ryan Jackson (North County HS)
AP Modern Europe 19th Century British History 10th 2nd English
NEW Cause and Effect...The Economy and Local Community Needs Kim Jakovics (South River HS) US Government Service Learning and Economics 9th  2nd No
Welcome to High School: A Guide to Student Rights
Kim Jakovics (South River HS)
US Government Equality Under the Law 9th 3rd No
New Election 2004: Campaigns and the Media
Marie Livingston (South River HS)
AP US Government Elections and the Media 12th 2nd No
International Organizations: Dealing with the Economic Challenges Facing Developing Nations
Sean White (Northeast HS)
US Government International Organizations: the Role of the US Government in the World 9th 3rd No
NEW UN Conference on Human Security
Brian Whitley (Old Mill HS)
International Studies United Nations Conference Simulation 11th/12th 2nd/4th No

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