Flood Them with Elements of Language
A WebQuest for 9th grade English

Designed by
Leslie Gershon



Heavy rains in your area have caused severe flooding, destroying many of the area bridges, cutting off much of the school's population from the school building.

The highway department estimates that it will be months before all the bridges can be repaired.  The Board of Education has decided that if fewer than 85% of the students receive instruction on a daily basis, the entire student body will be required to make up the missed days.

Your school decides to create a series of online lessons which students can access via computers in their homes, community centers, or area libraries.  If they complete these lessons, the missed school days will not have to be made up.

The Task

Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation which will teach one of the following elements of language:

Image Simile Metaphor Personification Analogy
Symbol Allusion Euphemism Onomatopoeia Alliteration

These online lessons should not only be informative, but they should also be attractive and engaging; or students will not be interested in viewing them.

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